Producing municipalities

Rociana · Lucena del Puerto · Moguer · El Rocío · Palos · Bonares · Niebla · Cartaya

Exporting countries

Alemania · Bélgica · Francia · Portugal · Italia · Reino Unido · Holanda · Irlanda · Suecia · Dinamarca · Austria · Finlandia · Polonia · Suiza · Malasia · Arabia Saudí

About us

Tierras del Condado
La Condesa
Grupo La Cartuja
El Pilonar

Fruta de Andalucia is a cooperative society that was born at the end of 2014, when a group of producers of the agri-food sector decided to join efforts for placed themselves with greater strength in the traditional and emergent markets. Nowadays, the cooperative is formed by eight companies that constitute one of the leading cooperatives in production and marketing of red fruits.

More than 1200 ha. of production that covers the municipality of Moguer, Bonares, Rociana del Condado, Almonte, Niebla, Lucena del Puerto, Palos de la Frontera y Cartaya.

Organic production, environmental sustainability, innovation and development, fruit quality, care when handling and commitment to employment define Fruta de Andalucia idiosyncrasy.